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read this to get started in your online classes - Summer and Fall 2004      also read "inquiry"
resources - dj
AAFPE ( American Association for Paralegal Education)
AA Requirements (Plan "B")
"About your Grades"
Accreditation Statement for Mission College Paralegal Studies Program
Appeals Process for Quizzes - Law 1/2/10/19
Appellate Law Materials - Law 17 - Richard Walker, Esq.-Instructor
Application - pdf file to print out and send to Mission College
Apply for Admission - Mission College (online with LACCD)
Apply for your paralegal certificate

bankruptcy forms
big list - dj
book-WBL - 8e and 9e

Case updates - West's (recent cases)
Capsule Summary of the Law
Career Center - (NFPA)

CEO Express - newspapers & magazines
Certificate - Paralegal
Chat - IRC/Javachat
Classes - Paralegal Program
Classes - Past Semesters
California Codes
CCP - code of civil procedure
CC - civil code

FC -family law

Computer Skills
Computer Tips & Tricks
Computer System Services - John Beck & Staff
Constitutional Law Insititute - Paralegal Studies Program
Course Descriptions - Paralegal Program Classes
Course Schedules - Winter and Spring 2003
Court Forms
"Cut (Copy) & Paste

copy and paste

Dictionary - One Look
Dictionary -
Dictionary - Websters
Documents- Legal

Email Accounts - yahoo and hotmail
Employment for Paralegals (Jobs)
Ethics & Integrity on the College Campus
Etudes Tutorial
Evaluating Web Sites
Evidence - Problems, Cases and Materials on Evidence (Harvard)
Exemptions - Bankruptcy Codes

Faculty & Staff Directory
Family Law Court Forms
First Steps Orientation
FOOTNOTES - for your legal papers
Forms - Court
Free ISPS (internet providers)


Grades - Paralegal Program
Grades from LACCD downtown computers
Graduation - Spring 1000
Getting a Job
Paralegal Graduation 2003 - and list of graduates from 1999-present
Paralegal Graduation -2004

Handling Court Forms with Omniform Filing Program
Help Desk
History of the Paralegal Program at L.A. Mission College
How to post a message to "Hypernews"
How to Study Law

Index of legal documents
Internet - What is it?
Inquiry into Paralegal Studies Program?



Jobs & Paralegal Employment (includes resumes, cover letters, and job search strategy)
Job Descriptions for Paralegals
Jobs - How to Get
Jurisdiction - Courts


L.A.Mission College Home Page
Late Assignments Policy at Mission College Paralegal Studies Program
L.A. Mission College - Paralegal Studies Program (
L.A. (reference page for students and faculty)
Law Clinic
Law Dictionary
Law Guru
Law Jobs
Law Libraries
Law Links
Law School information & LSAT
Lawyer Referral - San Fernando Valley Bar Association
Learning Styles
Legal Documents
Legal Document Assistant -new law SB 1418/B&P Code 6400 (1/1/2000)
Legal Document Assistant Certificate ( LDA -SB1418)
Legal Information Reference Desk
Legal Research
Legal Resources
Legal Writing

Microsoft Manuals

Public Notary exam and information

Office Hours - Virtual online
Old webpage (prior to 11/08/99)
Omniform - download to work on court forms
Online Education & Training - L.A. Mission College
Online Education - "Alive & Well"
Online Paralegal Certificate
Orientation - "First Steps"
outlines ( WBL)


Papers in Law 34 and Law 17
Paralegal Association
Paralegal Certificate
Paralegal Poetry Corner
Paralegal Responsibilities
Past Classes
Plan "B" Graduation Requirements
Pleading Format - Standard
PNCR (new course outline in word 97 format - last revision 10/14/99)
Powerpoint Slides for West Business Law
Proof of Service by Mail - CCP 1013a
Powerpoint slides - WBL
Probate Forms - Superior Court
Probate Court Forms - word docs and pdf files (for use in Law 20 class)

Quizzes - Appeals Process for Law 1/2/10/19
uizmaker Demonstration for LA Cops Workshop - CSUN (4/04/00)

URL to set up your quizzes (quizmaker login)

Recent Case updates - Wests (topic index)
Reference Desk

Register for Classes using your computer (online with LACCD)


Schedules & Registration
Search Engines
Staff Development      Agenda & Minutes of Meetings
Staff Development Updates
Strand Cam
Student Information System
Student Services
Student's Guide to Success
Sundays in Cyberspace
Summary of Law - WBL

Tech Dictionary
Textbooks - order them online
Tour our Webpage
Transfer Center
"Transfer Connection" - Schedule of Transfer Activities
Transcripts - Mission College (unofficial - from LACCD)
Transfer Center
"Transfer Connection" - Schedule of Transfer Activities
Transcripts - Mission College (unofficial - from LACCD)
Tutorial for Etudes




Waiver and Challenge of Pre-Requisite Law 10
elcome Back Day - Fall 1999 (good cites for Faculty/Staff)
Welcome Back - Spring 2000 Semester
West Case Updates - topic index
What's new
Writing Resources
West Business Law - contents 9th and 8th Edition


Yellow Pages

Zoetrope Literary Magazine

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