What is missionlaw Yahoo Group?

This is a list serv for our Paralegal Program

What is a list serv?

A list serv is a program that automatically runs an internet mailing list. This program is capable of distributing e-mail to thousands of people who subscribe to the list. List servs are usually based on a topic, or profession that all subscribers share.

What is the purpose of the list serv
This will allow the members to receive updated information, including emails on prospective jobs or employment, updates on the law, information and technology of the internet as it relates to your job as a paralegal, legal research, and writing information, and the like. Once you graduate from the program it will keep you connected and updated on recent developments in the law, and our program

How do I join?
You first send an email to missionlaw-subscribe@yahoogroups.com - click here to do that.
Then you will receive an email to ask if you want to join the group, and you fill in the information and click, and you are then part of the MissionLaw group. You will receive email updates from Prof. J. and if you have any specific questions you can email to the group and ask for information.

The group home page = http://groups.yahoo.com/group/missionlaw

to post a message: missionlaw@yahoogroups.com

to unsubscribe: missionlaw-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

to email owner (ProfJ): missionlaw-owner@yahoogroups.com or abogado@pacbell.net

Hope you enjoy the yahoo groups list serv.


Prof. J.