Comments from our students about the online Paralegal Studies Program

I am 22 years old and have been working in a law firm for the past 2 years. My reason for enrolling in this on-line course is to expand my knowledge in this particular field and to be able to provide further assistance to my employer.

I'm a 28 years old Latino and my favor pastime is hiking the Tujunga Cayons and Photograph natural life and scenery in the Canyons.
This is my second year attending Mission College and I'm currently taking six units here and six units at Valley College. Initially, I was planning on gettingon getting a degree on Chemical Engineering but after I found out about this program and how I can benefit from it, I decided to change direction. Mainly because, I work at a small law firm in Hollywood that handles Personal Injury Cases and my job there consist on processing all the necessary paper work and work with insurance adjusters in arrenging statements, depositions, and court apperances. My expectations from this course are to become more knowledgeabel in the field and to expand my legal skills to become more productive and educated in this line of work.

I'm interested in becoming a paralegal. I have 3 boys,

I just graduated in June from Van Nuys high school. I have a 2 year old boy who takes most of my time in the evening and I don't really have much time for my self since I work. I was just hired by an insurance agency and work in coustomer service.

I am a grandmother enjoying finding there is still some "gray matter" in the upper quadrants of the brain. I enjoy, art (in all mediums), am writing a (fiction) book (about 1/2 way through), cooking, playing with my grandchildren, and the study of various cultures. I have done extensive contracts and grants work and enjoy...people at large.

I own my own income tax business and I live in Pomona with my husband and my daughter who is a full-time student and mother. Yes, I'm a grandmother, I have 2 grandchildren. My other daughter also goes to school full-time and works full-time. I also just went back to work full-time for a craft wholesaler in Shipping & Receiving, & Customer Service

I'm from Sacramento, and I hope to COMPLETE this class! I found the program online last year and have registered for too many classes at one time, and ended up dropping one by one. This semester I have started with just one class, and it's the Intro class, which was not offered during the previous semesters I have applied. My goal is to obtain more knowledge in the legal field.

I work in a Workers' Compensation Law Firm in the Bay Area. I have to take this program online because I am too far away to travel to LA! I am also concurrently working on a Bachelors Degree in International Business and hope that the Paralegal Certificate will benefit me at my current job.

My previous employer allowed me the opportunity to perform certain legal tasks, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Therefore I chose to pursue a Paralegal Certification and AA Degree. I searched the net and came across L.A. Mission College and was impressed with the online program

I work in the technology field, doing Data Security and system administration type functions. A lot of Data Security relys more and more on new laws and regulations being passed. So here I am. I thought it would work well to have this kind of background and also give me an opening into computer forensics. There is also the fact that more IT jobs lately are being outsourced to other countries, so this prepares me for that as well.

I'm 20 year old Senior at Cal-State Northridge...My major is Information System which is in the business program, I'm also minoring in Philosophy. Last year, I read about the online paralegal program at Mission college, and I was quite interested and took the Law 1, Law 16, and Law 19. I really enjoyed the program and the online classes so I decided to continue my progress in getting a paralegal certificate.

this is my second semester in the paralegal program. I currently work for a production music catalog in Santa Monica. I have an undergrad degree in Music/Music Business from Belmont U. in Nashville. I have always been interested in the law and this is a great time/place to jump in and get my feet wet. This should prove to be a great semester.

this is my second semester in the Paralegal program at Mission College. I have my degree in Criminal Justice, but I am interested in becoming a lawyer so I figured this would be a great start. I learned about the program while I was an on-campus student at Mission College. I am taking two classes online this semester.

I am a happily married stay at home mom. I just had my first son in November and have really been enjoying him. This setup is ideal for my situation. In my spare time I love to travel and cook. Also love to spend time with my family.

I am a single parent with two wonderful kids. This is my second career. After twenty years in the entertainment industry, I decided it was time for a challenge and this program was just what the doctor ordered. Good luck to everyone!

I currently work for a non-profit education foundation in Northern California and hoping to make a career change

I have found that the classes are very demanding, requiring you to really "teach" yourself the material. However, the classes are interesting. My current field of work is special education. The reason I wanted to participate in this program is to see if Law School is something I really want to dedicate my time to. If anyone is interested in setting up a study group please email me

I am currently transitioning back to the legal field. Online learning was the only way for me to accomplish this task. I am home with 5 children and am a signing agent.

I found this LA Mission program by looking online extensively and was relieved to find such a great staff and a great opportunity to complete these courses via distance education. I hold a Bachelors from UCSB in international relations, which I find to be rather useless. I plan to get my paralegal certificate, then continue on to law school. I work at home with my online business and take care of my son right now. I am also expecting a new baby girl soon.

I'm 19 years old and this is my first time in college(i'm excited). I was really nervous about taking an online course but i think everything will be okay now. I'm really interested in new ways of learning-I'm not a traditional type of person.

I have worked as a technical writer for over ten years. I have always dreamed of being a patent attorney. My plan, after I complete the Paralegal program here, is to perhaps work as an independent paralegal in Orange County, while I pursue a Bachelor of Science degree. I hope to obtain a Bachelors in Computer science, and satisfy the requirements for the US Patent bar. While I may not be a full-blown patent attorney, I will be a registered patent agent, which is almost as good. However, I am not excluding the possiblity of ultimately attending law school.

I am 43 years old, am married, and I have two daughters aged 3 and 1. I have a full life, and a hectic schedule. I was investigating the possibility of distance learning and online courses when I discovered this program at LAMC. I am very excited about it, and I look forward to being an active participant.By the way, I live in Anaheim, California.... home of the the 2002 World Series Champion Angels.

I just turned 19 a few days ago and i live about 20 minutes from the college.

I found this online studies program though a friend of mine who knows how little time I have and how important my future is. I'm a sales and marketing specialist for a manufacturing company. My one and only goal is for me! That is to complete this program. After that who knows

I am originally from Memphis, TN, but I lived in New Jersey until August 2003 when I moved to California to work for an introduction service. I quit the service in December. I was searching the internet for an exciting new career and found the paralegal certificate program. I hope to find a more meaningful career in the paralegal field

I have been wanting to go back to school for a while and finally, last semester, I got the courage to do it. I enjoyed it very much so I am looking forward to this semester. I work full time and have two children.

I am a mother of two girls and a currently grandmother of three. Being a grandma for only five years my interests outside of work have been directed towards enjoying this phase of my life and my husband!

I work as an independent E.O.L. (end of life) Advance Planning specialist and anticipatory grief counselor, within the San Fernando Valley.

I was born as an "Army brat" in Japan, and have lived in half a dozen states (and France) before settling in Los Angeles in 1977.I enjoy computers and spend a lot of time on the net. I'm an administrator at a large on-line computer hardware forum and also do web design. I've been the volunteer webmaster for a USAF veterans organization for the last five years. I also play classical guitar.This is my second semester at Mission

I'm taking 3 law classes this time around and have completed 4. I learned about the law program through Mission College's website and was very excited when I realized I could get a paralegal certificate through on-line classes. Working full-time and being a single parent makes it hard to fit class schedules around all of the day-to-day stuff! Good luck!

I am currently a junior high science teacher. I thought I wanted to be a teacher but I'm finding that I don't really like this profession. My daughter decided to go for her paralegal degree and I was interested so I signed up and hope that I may like it. I enjoy time with my family and travel but teaching allows for no time. I have made time to take this course and my husband understands

I am taking the paralegal course for a certificate; beyond that I have nothing set in stone as yet. Living in a very rural area in Northern California I am grateful for an on-line class; I'd never be able to do this otherwise.

Since my 4 years in the Air Force working in communications, I have worked as a disc jockey at a radio station, was on the Buena Park Fire Dept. for 8 years, drove a cab, built repaired and did phone support on computers and have sold cars. I am still trying to figure out what I should be when I grow up, and Paralegal was suggested to me as a result of some recent aptitude tests.

I have lived in the San Fernando Valley most of my life and this is my second time taking classes at Mission College. I attended UC Irvine for 4 1/2 years where I studied Sociology. Though I currently work for the Transportation Security Administration and I am still unsure as to what I would like to do in the future, I am very much interested in the non-profit sector of business. I would like to either work with foster children or develop programs that will assist low-income families.

This is my second year in the United States and my first college class after almost a ten-year break in studies, though I never broke off my relations with education. I taught oil and gas processing at the chemical engineering department at the university for about eight years, and I was very fond of my job and my career. When I came here from Russia, I realized that I have an opportunity to combine my technical knowledge with the legal profession , and apply it, e.g., in such field as environmental law. I surfed the Internet, and I found this program. This program is my first step towards my goal, and I am sure that I made a right choice. My expectations in class... They are pretty high....

I live localy in Lake View terrace. I am married (8 yrs) and am an at-home-dad to five children, ages 11, two are 6, and the last two are 2. I am currently working towards my paralegal certificate. My interest are my children, computers, and studying the nuances of the law

I currently live in Rialto, CA with my husband and three daughters. I moved here last summer from Houston, TX. I am a full-time auditor for a major car company, and I work part-time helping my cousin with his law cases

Married for 26 years with three grown daughters, I decided to return to school. I am a UCLA grad (go Bruins!) with a B.A. in Chinese Language. I have a passion for reading and movies. Currently I substitute teach in the Santa Clarita Valley at the elementary school level. I have always been fascinated by the law; in fact, if I had it to do all over again I most likely would aim for law school.

I have a young son with learning disabilities that keeps me busy. We do enjoy the beach, parks with our pitt bull. I've raised a daughter already, and would like to have a career. I found out about this program from the Voc. Rehab. Center

I am employed with the Pismo Beach Police Department in the Records Division. I am enrolled in classes 10 and 19. This is the first time I am taking courses via the Internet and look forward to completing the Paralegal Certification.