updated: 8-16-05

Register for your Classes

Once you enroll as a student and fill out out the application online, print the signature page and send it to Admissions at Mission College - 13356 Eldridge Ave., Sylmar, Ca 91342 and wait for a week or so, then you will be entered into the LA Community College system as a Mission College Student, and you can register for classes (current). Our Paralegal Certificate requires you take 12 law classes, 3 units each, for a total of 36 units. You should take Law 10 and Law 1 as your first few classes, and then you can take any of the other classes to complete the certificate.

Please note: You may receive a post card in the mail giving you a date and time to register: eg. May 26th. You do not have to come in to Mission College in person, just wait until that date, and you can register either online or using the STEP system thereafter.

You can register for classes using one of two simple methods: